Genuine Fraud/ A Review by WordFae

“She became the kind of woman it would be a great mistake to underestimate.”

General Information:

Image result for genuine fraudTitle: Genuine Fraud

Author: E. Lockhart

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Page Count: 320

Release Date: September 7th 2017

Series Status: Stand Alone 

Amazon Link: LINK

GoodReads link: LINK

[I received this book at BookCon 2017, all opinions are my own]

My Thoughts:

Genuine Fraud is a beautifully written novel with an interesting contemplation of female roles in society. E. Lockhart has a way of making 10 pages feel like 30. Although it is a fairly short book it packs a punch. I had very high expectations for this book. We Were Liars was one of favorite books of 2015. I found it to be an extremely compelling and shocking novel. Because this novel had such a big plot twist at the end, I was expecting the same from another book by E. Lockhart, especially because it was a thriller. I wasn’t disappointed by the fact that this big plot-twist didn’t happen, I was disappointed because I wasn’t shocked (really at all) throughout the novel.

That being said I didn’t hate this novel. Lockhart’s strong writing style and dark undertones kept me reading. There were a few key aspects of the book that lessened my enjoyment of it. The book is written from end to beginning, which at least in the case of this book, left me confused and constantly re-arranging the story in my head to make sense of it. Second, I found it difficult to relate to the main character Jule. Her mentality and my mine didn’t match up at all, and I find it hard to believe that other readers could relate to her as well. Lastly, and most importantly I found I felt that this novel has a complete lack of suspense. As I mentioned before, the book is written from end to beginning, leaving us to discover the how’s and why’s, but this didn’t really create any tension let alone that “on the edge of your set feeling,” which I expected from this novel. So, hoping for a crazy twist at the end I read on, and was ultimately disappointed to find that during this “thriller” novel I was not once shocked or surprised.

The writing in this book was good. The potential for a suspenseful and interesting story was there. Upon thinking about this novel I realized that I probably would’ve enjoyed the story if it was written in traditional format (beginning to end). This would have allowed for more tension to build and time to contemplate character motives.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad book. It just had some flaws that lessoned by enjoyment of it.

I would recommend this to: Anyone who wants a different type of read with beautiful writing.

Star Rating:

★★.5 ☆☆

(2.5 / 5 stars)


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A Court of Wings and Ruin moments… in gifs

Feyre whenever Tamlin showed her any type of affection while in the Spring Court

Feyre before entering the meeting with the High Lords

Litterly every member in the inner circle when they get a life threatening injury

Cassian @ Nesta litterly the entire book

Rhysand after being resurrected

Me @ Tamlin the Tool during the high lord meeting

Me when Vassa came into the meeting at the end of the book and demands Feyre to break her curse

Feyre when Rhysand is describing that she’s now High Lady of the Night Court

The Inner Circles’ reaction to Rhysand describing that Feyre is High Lady of the Night Court now

Me when Rhysand died

Me when Rhysand was brought back to life

The Weaver during the final battle

And lastly, my reaction to finishing this amazing series

Comment your thoughts on this post! Let’s discuss ACOWAR!

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Bookstagram Hacks!

Hi Guys! Some of you might know me as @wordfae on Instagram. I’ve been in this game for a fairly long time, even though it may not seem like it because I’m so young. I started my official Bookstagram account on January 3rd of 2015 and I’ve loved posting and interacting with fellow Bookstagramers ever since!

Here are some of the tips I’ve tricks I’ve developed to create, improve, or just make things easier on my account! I hope it benefits you as much as it does me!

1. Establish a Theme

Now, I don’t mean that you have to develop a strict theme, sometimes just using the same filter on your photos can make them look more cohesive. Themes help to create a certain style that people will recognize is you on Instagram. I also find that people are more likely to follow your account when your feed is cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Here are some of examples of different types of themes;


This is a screenshot of what my feed looks like. I use white sheets with fairy lights and pops of color. I also use the filter M5 on VSCO which is the sole savior of my theme. If you’d like to follow my account I’ll add a link HERE. I’d love to talk and interact with you!

20170801_171712Here is a great example of an outdoor theme. Kelsey @fairfolkreads on Instagram does a wonderful job of keeping an eye-appealing theme with creative photos.


And lastly if you live in the city creating a theme surrounding the city is always fun! Ashley @bookwormstatus is the QUEEN of creative city-based photos.

These are just a few examples of themes so keep exploring other accounts or even create your own original theme!

2. Use Apps

I use one app, if not multiple for every photo I post. They make it so much easier to manage and create content for my account.

My favorite apps for Filters/Editing;


If you haven’t heard about VSCO yet, you’ve probably been living under a rock, or in another case more relatable to you and me, had your head stuck in a book. VSCO has a variety of awesome filters and I love every single one. So just chose what works best for you!


Another app I like to use is Snapseed. Snapseed helps to improve the quality of your photo without making it grainy. This app can take IPhone camera quality and turn it into Canon quality I swear. Fair warning, you may have a bit of a learning curve with this app but I promise you it is worth it!

Now for an app I use in order to manage my account;


I use this app to manage my account and check up on things like unfollowers, and new followers on my Instagram. This way if I miss a new follower, I can be sure to check out their account and follow them back.

Disclaimer; I have not been payed by any of these apps to promote them. I just genuinely enjoy and use these apps frequently. Also, I have a Samsung phone so all of these apps are available on the Google Play Store.

3. Use Hashtags


I put hashtags in the comments of my photos to increase views and interaction on my posts. I found that pictures where I use hashtags compared to ones that I don’t have a huge discrepancy in likes, views, comments, ect.

4. Interact with fellow Bookstagramers

Go ahead and comment/like other bookstagramers posts! You’ll get to spread some positive vibes and they will appreciate it. When I get a positive comment on my account it always makes my day! It’s a great way to make friends in the community as well!

5. Find what works for you

What works for me may not be perfect for you so just keep exploring and developing your account. You may have a totally different approach to your account so if that works for you then great! Just have fun and enjoy this awesome community of amazing and creative people!

If you’d like to me to elaborate on any of these subjects of make a part two leave a comment down below or like this post so I know if I should keep expanding the subject of Bookstagram on my blog!


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As You Wish/ A Review by WordFae

“It’s human nature to fixate on the path not taken rather than the one you’re walking.”

General Information:


Title: As You Wish

Author: Chelsea Sedoti

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Page Count: 432

Release Date: January 2, 2018

Series Status: Stand Alone 

Amazon Link: LINK

GoodReads link: LINK

[This book was sent to me via. NetGalley, all my opinions are my own]

My Thoughts:

As You Wish is an intriguing book that hit some tough topics including, abuse, disability, loss of a sibling, alcoholism, and suicide. The concept of the novel was great, and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. But I felt the story had some problems, it was dragged out, and the main character was a highly unlikable, and dare I say a douchebag.

As you wish wasn’t what I was expecting it to be.  I was looking forward to a magical, fantastical novel about happy people making wishes. I was dead wrong, As You Wish is basically the opposite of what I expected. That being said, I didn’t dislike the book. The author introduced a myriad of controversial and heavy topics. I didn’t dislike this about the book I actually thought they were good additions to the story and plot-line. The topics Sedoti introduced are important to talk about in the world today, she represented these topics in a genuine and true matter. There were some glimmers of light in the novel, when the plot-line would speed up for something interesting to happen. But I felt these moments could have been more drawn out rather than sped up to return to the slow paced story development.

I also had some trouble with the main character Eldon. From the first page I was hoping for some character development from Eldon, when he did start to become a better person, I felt it was a little rushed and I hoped for more development from such an a-hole of a character. I was also angered by the fact that important information, like the rules for wishing, was held from the readers, in this case until chapter ten. I was confused when characters would start to talk about the rules because I didn’t know them until later in the novel. The last crucial problem I had with the book was that it was predictable, I made a note of what Eldon was going to wish for during the first half of the novel, I also was able to predicted many other important points in the novel that were made to shock the reader. I could see that the author might use these techniques to try to create a unique story where the reader was made to think about the plot-line. But I felt these techniques hindered the book rather than helping to create an interesting story.

Although I have heavily critiqued this novel, I definitely did not hate it. The novel had many strong points, but I found that it could have used a little more world-building and editing.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad novel. It’s a good novel that with some work, could’ve been great.

I would recommend this to: Anyone who needs a refresh from typical YA themes. Someone who doesn’t mind a heavy topic or two.

Star Rating:


(2.5 / 5 stars)


Until next read,



Reading Habits Tag

I thought this would be a really fun tag and you guys could get some insight on my reading habits among other things.

This tag was created by TheBookJazz and you can find her video here. 🙂

I’m going to tag MuggleBoooks, Bookwormaniac, and AloofBooks

Alright let’s get started!

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

For the most part no, I will read anywhere in the house. Although I do find myself wanting to read the most in bed.


2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

It really depends what mood I’m in. But when I do decide to use an actual bookmark I end up losing it and using a random piece of paper anyway.

One thing I love doing in my books is using a sticky tab to mark my favorite pages. That way when I feel the urge to re-read a book I can just go back to the sticky notes and read my favorite parts.


3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?

I stop after a certain amount of pages. I read at night a lot of the time so sometimes I’m just to tired to finish the chapter.

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

Heck yeah! I love snacking on things and drinking while reading. Although it may be hard to eat and read at the same time I somehow always find a way. Most of the time it involves using other books to hold my book open lol!

5. Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

Music all the way! Some of my favorite artists to listen to while reading are Hozier, Panic! at the Disco (preferably Pretty. Odd.), and Twenty One Pilots.


6. One book at a time or several at once?

Definitely one book at a time. If I read to many at once I mix up the plot-lines and characters. It’s just not a fun experience. I wish I could read more than one book at a time maybe that would help get through my never-ending tbr.


7. Reading at home or everywhere?

Everywhere. Whenever I have the time to read I do. My mom always has to stop me on the way out of the house and say things like, are you really bringing that book to a basketball game? How will you be able to read away? My response would be yes mom don’t doubt my reading ability lol!

8. Reading out loud or silently in your head?

In my head, I read out loud and tend to not retain as much.

9. Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

Don’t kill me on this one. If there’s a really intense scene where a character might die I skip ahead a few chapters to make sure they’re still alive. And sometimes I even read the last page… I KNOW I’M SORRY.

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

Oh well here’s another thing the extreme book lovers are going to come after me for. I love breaking the spine of my books once again I KNOW I’M SORRY. It’s just so satisfying.


11. Do you write in your books?

Nope, this is actually one thing I don’t do that “damages” my books.

All right I think that’s it, feel free to comment any of your thoughts.


Until next read,



Under The Dusty Moon / A Review by WordFae

“It was a spell, she promised. A powerful charm.”

General Information:

20151230_145309.jpgTitle: Under The Dusty Moon

 Author: Suzanne Sutherland

Publisher: Dundurn

Release Date: Jan 23, 2016

Series Status: Standalone

Links: Amazon Goodreads

[This book was sent to me for review via NetGalley]

My Thoughts:

Under The Dusty Moon had a promising blurb but I was left with many questions about characters and trying my very best to piece this scrap-book like novel together. The elements for a good story were there but never really reached their potential. Because I revived this book from Netgally for an honest review I will say the problems I had with this novel and why it didn’t reach it’s full potential.

The main character Vic came off as selfish, and inconsiderate. She whined about everything her mom had to do in order to keep money on the table even when she knew her job and what it implied. She was rude to her best friend once she found her own boyfriend and left her in the dust even when she knew work needed to be done.

Mickey Wayne did not come off like a mother charter. She let Vic take her alcohol and be very rude to her and gave her no discipline. The only thing we see that is close to motherly was her vague talks about safe sex.

Another plot problem I had with this novel was that her boyfriend had not yet heard that Vic was the daughter of a famous rock star. The author tries to explain this by saying they were more of an “underground” band in the way that only the people that really liked them knew about them. But I feel like that did not fully cover it up and that word would get out and spread through the whole school that Vic was the daughter of a famous rock star. If the storys about how big the shows were and the abundance off dedicated fans were true then more people would recognize Vic and Mickey.

I was expecting a ton of character development but only got some from Vic. She says that she will stop neglecting her friend but we never really she her redeem herself. I was also hoping for an explanation to the disappearance of her dad seeing that they talked about it so much in the book but not one explanation was given.

I will say that this novel held my attention and I did read it all the way through, something that doesn’t usually happen when I learn to not like a book. Her dad and the big concert at the end of the story kept me waiting to see what would happen but in the end I didn’t learn as much as I would have hoped.

One point in the novel that did live up to it’s potential was the gaming aspect. I felt this was explained well and was very creative. Although I do not play video games I still was curious about what would happen in this aspect of the novel.

Overall this was a novel with a promising plot line but in the end left me with many questions.

Star Rating:


(2/5 stars)


Until next read,



Sanctuary Bay / A Review by WordFae

“They thought they could hide the truth but the truth doesn’t hide, the truth shines.”

General Information:

2015-12-17-15.22.17.jpg.jpegTitle: Sanctuary Bay

Authors: Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Release Date: January 19, 2016

Series Status: Not yet confirmed but rumored to be a trilogy

Links: Amazon Goodreads

[This book was sent to me for review via NetGalley]

My Thoughts:

Sanctuary Bay is a chilling novel with a creative plot-line. The characters all had their own backstory that intertwined well with story. I enjoyed this story immensely and had a hard time putting it down. The writing was well paced and easy to read and there were no heavy information dumps. The writing made it so the concepts could be complex yet easy to understand.

The novel just kept getting better and better the more we learned about the school and things surrounding it, almost like how a snowball starts out small and when you roll it down a hill it becomes bigger and moves faster. It had many complicated organizations that all connected flawlessly. While reading the novel I wondered many things but all my questions were slowly answered and explained throughout the novel which I enjoyed.

The love interest aspect in the book wasn’t overwhelming and entered the plot when it was necessary. The main character’s actions were not fueled by love which was very refreshing.

Sarah started out with a huge chip on her shoulder but lost that throughout the story and became a very strong character. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and that gets her in some arguments and causes her not to have many close friends but I actually really liked and admired that about her. Something I will say about her character was that she tends to just think of herself and not think about what could happen to the people around her. Not that this made her a bad character at all. To me it just made her seem more realistic because let’s be real we can’t all save the world and be as selfless as someone like Katniss or Tris.

Overall this was a complicated yet easy to read novel with spine-chilling aspects.

I would recommend this to: Anyone looking for a complex yet still easy to read novel. This is a good noel for someone who does not want to read a true horror story but still wants to read a scary novel.

Star Rating:

★★★★.5 ☆

(4.5/5 stars)


Until next read,